Vladimir Gojkovi? and his mighty Montengero team have finished thrid at the European Championships in Budapest, beating powerhouse Croatia 10-9 (1:3, 2:4, 4:1, 3:1)


Sharpshooter Aleksandar Ivovic was on fire for his team, scoring a magnificent five goals, backed up by Dragan Draskovic with two.

MNE: Lazovi?, Brguljan 1, Radovi?, Petkovi?, ?u?kovi?, Obradovi?, Vidovi?, ?ur?i?, Ivovi? 5, Spai? 1, Draškovi? 2, Pješivac 1, Tešanovi?.


Coach Gojkovi?, knows all too well about finishing in fourth, having spent two Olympic cycles with MNE having lost the bronze 2008, 2012. Montenegro also lost the bronze medal playoff at the Rio Olympic Games 2016.


Is this the year for the mighty Montenegro team as they march onto the final opportunity of qualifying for Tokyo, at the the World Qualification Tournament in Rotterdam (March 29th).


The Montenegro team arrived home to a hero's welcome.


Congratulations Montenegro - Hope to see you in Tokyo.

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